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Psycho was shot on the backlot of Universal-Reveue Studios, which has since become known as Universal Studios Hollywood. It was shot by the TV crew of Alfred Hitchcock Presents for a ridiculously low budget of $806,947. It took 30 days to shoot - most of which were dedicated to the shower scene. The movie is still considered the "grand-daddy" of all horror movies. As a gimmick, Alfred Hitchcock actually hosted the theatrical trailer which contained no footage from the movie itself. In it, Hitch provides viewers with a walking tour of the Bates House and Motel. The revolutionary campaign made it impossible for a theatergoer to buy a ticket after the movie had started. It was a gimmick never used before in a movie and was never used again after - but it did contribute to the success of Psycho.

Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho
Release: June 16th, 1960
Budget: $806,947
Box Office Gross: $32 Million
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